Homemade Butter

I learned to make this several years ago by accident. I was managing a Morrison’s Cafeteria in the 1980’s and we made our own whipped cream for our homemade pies. One of my staff members walked away while whipping cream (probably to take a smoke break) and I noticed a liquid splashing out of the mixing bowl and I noticed a clump of butter and the liquid I know now was buttermilk? The homemade butter is not Kerrygold, but it is Kerry Good!

I started with a pint of heavy whipping cream. This is actually the only ingredient you will need…..

I suggest buying a heavy cream with the highest fat content. In this case the fat content was 8%.

You can use a churn like this that I bought from my daughter through Pampered Chef, but I like to use my trusty Kitchen Aid mixer.

Just dump the pint of heavy cream into the mixing bowl and with the whisk attachment, whip at at the number 4 speed for approximately 5 minutes

At this point, what you have is whipped cream. If you want to stop there, just add a couple of tablespoons of powdered sugar, and a little vanilla extract, and you have an awesome dessert topping! (I apologize for the blurry photos – I am still learning my camera)

At that point, crank that baby up to speed # 10 and whip about 10 minutes more, stopping a few times to scrape the bowl down. Soon the butter solids will separate from the liquid and at this point put a towel around the mixer if you don’t have a splash guard. Then you will have butter like this.

Pull off of the whisk and knead the butter. Then squeeze the awesome butter through cheesecloth to get all of the buttermilk out.

I prefer my butter unsalted, but at this point, you could knead some salt into it if you want.

You will have about a pound of sweet cream butter, and about a cup of buttermilk to make biscuits with!

I must tell you that this does not save you money vs buying store bought butter. It is actually more expensive, but the end product is priceless! ENJOY!

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