How Restaurants can deal with the Covid-19 Crisis

As of this writing, several bars and restaurants have been ordered to close or limit their seatings. These issues are likely to get worse before they get better.

I am by no means a Foodservice expert, but as a life long FoodService veteran, this scenario is heartbreaking for me and I would like to share some links, ideas and tips to help ease the pain of the crisis…..

How the Restaurant Industry is Responding to COVID-19 | James Beard Foundation

Here is another article that Apple News shared from Food & Wine magazine website….

Coronavirus Has a Trickle-Down Effect on Waitstaff’s Wellbeing–asvzPRhw

You can also go to and sign this petition…

Some other ideas…

Trim your menu now!

Keep your regular menus to use again when things calm down. Make temporary limited menus with only your best selling or easiest to prepare items.

Add some anti-viral items to your new menu and a blurb about their anti-viral properties. Here is a link from Better Nutrition…

Temporarily reduce your operating hours.

Be open only at peak times. Open an hour later, close an hour or two earlier, or close for a few hours in the afternoon and clean and wipe everything down.

No sports on tv? Turn something entertaining on. Classic movies? Have a Star Wars or Rocky Horror picture theme? Be creative! Probably keep at least one tv with a news channel on for the diehards?

Reduce your food inventory!

Especially perishable items. Use them up quickly and restock minimally.

If you don’t have curbside service, start one!

Push gift certificate sales. Start a server contest to see who can sell the most, and reward them!

If you have the room, remove half your tables and store them to keep a safe distance away between tables.

Check your local regulations about retaining some items.

Many restaurants retail spices or sauces. Why not buy a couple of cases of toilet paper from your food distributor and resale? Or maybe offer one roll per table free as a gimmick?

Come up with some Covid cocktails. Be creative!

Make a big batch of elderberry syrup and offer free or reduced priced shots for your patrons! (Recipe on my blog)

Place hand sanitizers or wipes at the entrance and exit to your restaurant. Put one on every table if you can. (You may have to chain them to the tables)

Support your other local businesses as often as you can! We’re all in this together!

Any other ideas or suggestions, hit me up and I will add to this list. Thanks!

And this from the Nashville Scene…


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